Pamela Stewart is a self-described “literary proctologist” and her writing often looks into places that people generally don’t want to lok. The stories in “Elysium” are about the difficulties of life we all encounter as human beings, the fragility of life -- the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges we must try to overcome. They are about ordinary people, characters searching for meaning. People are rescued, but not always in the way they hoped for or expected.

PAMELA STEWART lives in downtown Toronto. Her stories have been published in Ars Medica, Descant, Other Voices, subTerrain, and Rosebud. She took second place in the Toronto Star’s short story contest, and was short-listed in the 3-Day Novel Contest. Stewart is alsp a photographer and has had her photos exhibited at various venues, and published in a variety of magazines. She’s been involved in social activism and causes for social justice, in particular as a peace activist. She makes jewellery, and has her own business, Pamela’s Planet, with a portion of proceeds going to charity. She attends Quaker meetings, and is a breast cancer survivor.

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