Fly on the Wall

Privy to the details of all your secret moments, private conversations and indulgences, the fly on the wall is neutral. It doesn’t care that you cheat on your income tax, and it won’t call the police when you eliminate the neighbor’s cat. This is a finely illustrated collection of short “punch fiction” stories intended for adults. The short stories and pen-and-ink drawings throughout this novel are dark and subversive by nature, with an inherent wry humour. Along with the fly, the reader eavesdrops on church confessionals, jail visits, funerals, hitchhiking, cross-dressing, and murder . . . to name a few. Reminiscent of the storytelling in a Robert Altman film, this collection is sure to provoke, shock, and inspire.

JASON BRINK published short fiction in the University of Victoria’s Inner Harbour Review and won the Praxis Screenplay Competition for his Drama, Summer Fallow. He lives in Red Deer, AB.

JIM WESTERGARD’s wood engravings and drawings have been exhibited internationally. He is the author and illustrator of Mother Goose Eggs, sunnyside up (Porcupine’s Quill). He lives in Red Deer, AB.

Published by ECW Press

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