At point of death, a man attempts to make sense of lightning-bright shards of memory — of a house with foster children and a foster mother, each of them with a history that forms a series of tales shading off into myth in the shadow of Shabaqua mountain, where the witch created time... A magical-realist novel in the form of a story-sequence, Ramasseur is a series of exquisitely crafted tales that draws readers into a larger puzzle sure to keep them up late into the night. This work draws to mind the contemporary Irish writers Dermot Healy and Patrick McCabe.

RICHARD deMEULLES of Sudbury, ON, was raised in a large, Franco-Celtic household in the mining town of Timmins, and has spent most of his working life in and around mining and forestry. For over 25 years his stories have appeared in magazines such as Descant, On Spec, and Cross Canada Writers’ Magazine. His work is anthologized in On Spec: The First Five Years and Bluffs: Northeastern Ontario Stories from the Edge; in 1988 he was awarded second place in the Cross Canada Writers’ Magazine’s writing contest.

Published by Your Scrivener Press

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