Arjun Basu’s fiction collection is a wry and provocative book which exposes the realities beneath social conventions. Squishy asks: Do you still love me? Do you want fries with that? Do I look fat? Life is full of small moments that define us, tangents that lead us to unexpected places, bad decisions and no decisions with repercussions you couldn’t possibly predict. This is the world of Squishy — an aspiring actress fast approaching her best-before date, a world weary travel writer, a disgraced ballplayer suffering the lingering effects of a wardrobe malfunction — all characters aware of life’s promise and impossibility, tempted by something just beyond, something surely delicious.

ARJUN BASU was born in Montreal. He was editor in chief of enRoute magazine between 2001 and 2007. He continues to live in Montreal, with his wife and son, and his life is as squishy as anyone else’s. His work has previously appeared in AWOL (Vintage Canada) and magazines such as Matrix and the most recent Moosehead Anthology.

Published by DC Books

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